Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whats Love got do with it?

Love what a word and how diverse is the meaning. I hereby officially declare myself a lover. I love life, I love people, I love the world, I love my friends, my family, my extended family.

What is worse I do not understand how love can cause so much pain. The love of a person be it your spouse, your children, your neighbour where and how do we get it so wrong.

To talk about ones life partner and love and yet in so many cases it just withers on the vine and dies. The unadulterated innocent trusting love that appears in children is so perfect and yet we contaminate and infect it.

It seems however, we need it, it is the very essence of our presence on this planet.Or is that where the problem starts, we need do not simply accept it, be it. As we hit the pot holes of life why do we do it, screw it up - is it a lack of respect for our fellow man, a fear of communicating honestly, of being an equal - how do we choose our life partners and stay happy. What makes us fall out of love and create this anxiety and pain.

Being a logical man "what's love got to do with it" - maybe it is just a second hand emotion after all?


  1. My friend, the only answer is - there is no answer!!!!

    If everything in our life went exactly the way we expected it to, wouldn't it be bloody boring?!!!!! 8=)

    I have believed for many years now that the measure of a person is not how well they can hit, but how quickly they can get back up after being hit. The law of averages says that the hitter will eventually give up if you keep getting up and smiling at them.

    The moral to the story - keep getting up and smiling (the occasional duck will also help!!!!! 8=)).

    Chin up.

  2. I think maybe the trouble with love is that it's a basic feeling with a lot of bits hanging off it- there are very few bits when we're little kids, but we become more complex as we age; we start finding aspects of ourselves that put unspoken "conditions" on what we experience as "love"; so when we age and grow, our own idea of how love feels, changes. Some people get to a stage where they can't call much of what they feel "love" any more, and so they draw away from the people they formerly felt attracted towards. Perhaps they feel a mellow sort of positivity, but they don't think it's "love" any more- whereas others feel it as "love" even when it changes. So the next song may just have to be "".