Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 - Heat Wave

Day 28
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Well almost forgot to take this - the heat here today has been a record for 70 years - 45.7C/108.3F. Now the power failures start and my dear friend Charlie has probably already received so many messages on the breakdowns she cannot sleep either.

I went for a swim earlier but came inside to a power failure and no air conditioning - it does not take long for the house to warm up.

Worst part is that there is no relief in site until next week.


  1. I don't think humans are meant to operate in this heat! I'm amazed you managed your Twit365 with the power off and all- let's hope our friend gets his power station built quickly so we don't have to have load shedding any more.

  2. I was fortunate in one sense because I have three phase power it seems I had only lost certain parts of power on Property, primarily shed and air conditioning so a little fortunate.
    Indeed we need more generation in this state and I will blog about that elsewhere