Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 17 - A mixed day - but mostly great

Well a mixed day - started out with a nice breakfast in Hutt Street and followed by heading of for a defluffing of these grey wispy locks. Received some sad news from a very dear friend in North America but I know she will be OK at the end because she is a very determined person. My heart aches for her pain though.
I headed of to my son's house and can say I had the best two hour cuddle with young Harper - he gets cuter by the second - he is a beautiful boy.
Later in the day went to some drinks for a Facebook Friend on her 30th Birthday - took Charlie and her daughter with me. JM had a great day playing on the entertainment in the Glenelg area - check these out. The day was exceedingly pleasant.


  1. I know this will all work out. What ever happens! you must take the hugging loving nature that you epitomize... Grandpa it is all good !!!!!!!

  2. In the grace of God I pray that all will be well!

  3. Will say some prayers for your North American friend. I love that photograph.