Sunday, January 18, 2009

The 18th January 1969

I have to write this - today is the 40th Anniversary of when I met the lady in the photo. I was married to her from 1972 and it pains me to find myself here. I have not been an Angel all the way along nor did I identify how low my brain had gotten for various traumas in my life.
My friends have been saying move on Jim and I am - I am good at me and I like what I have achieved and I also identify the life changes I have to and am making. When it comes to Masterpieces in life not even the "Mona Lisa" is perfect and I know I am certainly not. I just needed to write this because on days like today it makes me sad to have lost the perfection I once had. That is all.....
I shall write my Twitter 365 later.

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