Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 9 - Don Rice

The photo is taken in the Tivoli Hotel (no I do not live there - just because I appear in the same pub in Charlie's Day 8). The man in the Photo is a man by the name of Don Rice (read about him here). As you will see Don has excelled at the top of the game of Baseball in South Australia and Australia. Well I first met Don when I became the President of the East Torrens Payneham Baseball Club (The Redsox) - let me tell you I was really the first non-baseball background President of this Club and it made for an interesting life as I grew in the Games Administration. Any way Don has been battling the dreaded Cancer since he was in his early fifties and we have become the best of Friends over the last twenty years or so.

He rang me as we had not caught up for a while to just have a beer. Well the Cancer is back and Don is headed for more Chemo soon. I know two things - the first Don's determination will give this next bout a hell of a shake again, and second his Mates will be standing by him every step of the way.

Don love you mate so lets get out their and give this sucker nuthin'

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