Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Family of one Charles Bruce

Well as I said on Day 6 of Twitter 365 I took a photo of my family after dinner. My Uncle was leaving, the following Day to return to the hometown and childhood house of my Grand Parents, my Dad and he.
As you do we got to chatting about history and low and behold the above photo presented itself being a photo of my Great Grandfather Bruce and the tribe. They lived in a town known as Cadia not far from Blayney on the Western Slopes of the Blue Mountains in NSW.
The town disappeared when the mine became no longer viable to operate and like so many others Charlie moved his family to the North Coast to work on the duplication of the Sydney Newcastle rail line.
So now I have the bug again and am going to try and trace my Grandfather a bit further back. I shall share a bit more as we go along. Will also share some of this with my mate Allan Cockerill over at Coffee with Allan - he is quite into the History of the area.


  1. I find family history fascinating so hope you have luck tracing back your grandfather.

  2. This sounds very interesting Jim, and it has got me thinking.

    My family (on my mother's side) has been in the Central Western area of NSW for over five generations.

    If I can help in anyway, let me know!

    Allan Cockerill

  3. oh I love family history!! Only found out late last year that my pops mum was a madam!!