Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24

Day 24
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Oh yuk - look like shit feel like shit. Spent the morning sorting out the GRSA site again - it had over 150,000 hits in just on 12 hours - think the Bunnie Campaign is having the desired effect. The ISP has now set it up for an aggressive voting campaign. Go have a look and feel free to vote.
Went to do the final touch up on a house that is going on the market and whilst delivering my Son-in-Laws Mower home was attacked by Wasps. Never experienced that before - they were swarming around the Rain Water Tank clearly thirsty. Very aggressive little bug'gers. Only 4 stings three on my left hand that were a bit ordinary and very fortunately the one on my face was fairly minor. Got a bit puffy on the face but my hand did swell quite well. All good by morning though so no real damage done.

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