Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 14

Well this day finished on a very special note. Today is Charlie's Birthday, it also marks the anniversary of our meeting face to face. Yep, I met Charlie on line I started a Group Save the Australian Wine Industry, Charlie Started Dead Reds both on Facebook and that was late in 2007. We joined each others Group - well we communicated, poked and played on Facebook for sometime until Charlie said - oh hell we know each other so well you had better come to my Birthday.
So started a friendship that has ridden one of the most incredible 12 months in which we have both seen some amazing wins and successes to some pretty incredible lows and sadness. Throughout it all our friendship has endured and flourished and for that I am thankful.
The group pictured is a group of people who represent Charlie's friends old and new and mostly new for me. It was Charlie's Birthday and it was a great party (believe me)- and to me an anniversary of when I came to know Charlie, Amber and JM and ultimately the group of people pictured who I happily call friends. This day will remain very special for the rest of my life and for that I am most grateful.


  1. thankyou for dedicating this day to me darling Jimbo... its pretty special to me already (as you would have guessed)... but to have also met one of my now closest friends ... and a dear mentor to my children ... on this day only a year ago says it all.

    This day can only keep getting better!!!

    2009 and my birfday has certainly started (what is going to be) a wonderful year.

    with much love... and a great friendship to boot... i raise my glass to you, dear man xxxxc

  2. That's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman and a beautiful man.

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  4. Here, here!! (raises glass to you both)