Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 44 The Astor True Colours

Day 44
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Went to the Astor Hotel with friends - the Music was from True Colours being Becky and Ian Blake.

They are really good - naturally as underneath wigs and costumes etc they are better known for their involvement in famous Adelaide Band "Chunky Custard".

We all had a good night - good friends, good food, good pub and great Music

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 40

Well it is Monday again - good news with more work coming our way and the GRSA site still placing big demands on us as the Bunnie Voting enters it's final week.
The devastation of Victoria continues to evolve - one has to ask how sick are these bastards who lit the fires.
I came to the end of the day and my mate Sal rang me - a beer and a Schnitzel at the Hampstead was just what the doctor ordered. Sal is a Finance Broker and compliments of the Financial meltdown life is being a bit of a bitch. We are nearly there though.
Will be blogging about that this week over at AOEDE - seems a good week to talk on topics like that there. It will be Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday this week as well. The guy who failed seven times before becoming the revered President he still is. Sound likes a good week to blog that topic.

Day 39

Well it is Sunday and today Harper took his Mum and Dad to breakfast - it is their birthday' the 17th and 10th respectively that was pretty cool. Then had a Start Up Club meeting at the Findon Hotel and then went of to watch one of my daughter's Softball games.
She cracked one ball so far a beautiful Home Run and is pitching quite well. Nice to see her getting fitter and more motivated.
Then I went off to The Lion for Jonny's Birthday Drinks - not bad for an afternoon of drinks.

Day 38

It was a really hot day and as history will now reveal a disastrous day in Victoria and will be known forever as the worst day of Wild Fire in this country ever. I laid pretty low and snuck out to say g'dday to Maria - she was having a bad day too.

It was fantastic when I walked through the door to be met by her twins with a big hug and hello from them both - don't you just love kids.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Musical Memories

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I was cruising the net and stumbled on this photo. They are the Wesley Three made up of The Wesley Smith Twins - Martin on the Right and Peter on the Left (I think - hey they were twins). The bloke in the middle is quite well known in this town he is Adelaide Media Personality Keith Conlon. All of them pretty good blokes to my memory.
It took me on a memory trip back about 45 years to the lunch time Music Club at School gathered around the Piano in Mr Winstanley's Music Room above the Bookshop.
Jimbo the 13 year old boy soprano and these much older schoolboys - well a lot of the songs that these guys went on to record were being bandied around the piano. They were fun songs and great fun to sing. Think they released about three albums as the Wesley Three and were generally very happy feel good type songs of the mid sixties. Probably the most contentious song was about the Voyager disaster when the Aircraft Carrier Melbourne and Voyager collided at sea with a number of casualties. The chorus went something like this "tell me why did they die tell me what for and how" aggressive stuff hey?
I still love my Music as I know these guys do too - very fond memories indeed of an era I love today.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 37

Well Day 37 finished up pretty amazingly. Another really hot day in Adelaide South Australia. I wandered down to the National Wine Centre that was holding Fridays Uncorked. They are having one of these a fortnight. Last Night was featuring Skillogalee Wines from the Clare Valley.
My Brother in law Jim Wilton discovered this place back in 1976 and it has been a favourite ever since.
My dear Friends Antoinette from Tuscany Hyde Park and Charlie (amongst others) were able to help me celebrate my Business Card Draw win - two lovely bottles of Skillogalee

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 36

Day 36
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Well today has been quite good - the online snake awareness training has certainly developed quite a lot of interest and that is very exciting. Our first training course (online) for Microsoft Excel will be released in the next 24 to 48 hours.
This afternoon we did a presentation of the Learning Platform "capable" and the attached learning communities. Several Learning Communities will be going live also in the next few days.
Now I am off to dinner and a meeting on the Life Relay and celebrating the one and only Bruce Birthday.
A good day is being had by all.

Day 35

Day 35
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As you know today was my good friend Peggy's Heart Operation - she is in ICU and going fine.

Refer to my Day 15 photo for further reference.

Also just down from here you will notice the online Snake Awareness Course is really really alive at last. Have had an extraordinary amount of enquiry this afternoon - fantastic.

Snuck out for a little Schnitzel and a Beer and was greeted by this as I made my way home.

Day 34

Day 34
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Well a quiet day for me - had a bit of asthma lingering so spent the day in front of my home PC.

My good friend James dropped by to say g'dday and we shared a couple of beers.He is the man who made my backyard beautiful.

If you look at his website you might recognise this if you have been to my house.

Vist James at

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Andrew and Kim's Wedding Day

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It was a very beautiful wedding and I think this is my favourite shot. The wedding was held on the lawns of Eden Park House which was the Home of the Harris Scarfe family and now is part of the Marryatville High School.
This is where Kim and Andrew met all those years ago. Anyway I like this photo as the Happy couple and friends were making there way back to where guests were having post wedding drinks and nibbles while mandatory Family Photos were being taken.
We all wandered off from here for a quick drink at the Royal Hotel and then the reception at The Wine Centre.
I did take a couple of photos and you can view the set here at:

Day 33

Day 33
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At home this evening and just editing a few more photos of the wedding - will post a blog about that in a moment or two. Love this photo of the Bride just checking the Groom signs the book. Lol anyone would think the Bride was the Lawyer.

Check out the wedding shots here -

Day 32

Day 32
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Spent the day uploading wedding photos from my Nephews Wedding - dropped into the Robin Hood for a beer with the bridal Party. So hot at home went for a drink in a cool spot with my good friend Quinny