Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 40

Well it is Monday again - good news with more work coming our way and the GRSA site still placing big demands on us as the Bunnie Voting enters it's final week.
The devastation of Victoria continues to evolve - one has to ask how sick are these bastards who lit the fires.
I came to the end of the day and my mate Sal rang me - a beer and a Schnitzel at the Hampstead was just what the doctor ordered. Sal is a Finance Broker and compliments of the Financial meltdown life is being a bit of a bitch. We are nearly there though.
Will be blogging about that this week over at AOEDE - seems a good week to talk on topics like that there. It will be Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday this week as well. The guy who failed seven times before becoming the revered President he still is. Sound likes a good week to blog that topic.

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