Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 44 The Astor True Colours

Day 44
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Went to the Astor Hotel with friends - the Music was from True Colours being Becky and Ian Blake.

They are really good - naturally as underneath wigs and costumes etc they are better known for their involvement in famous Adelaide Band "Chunky Custard".

We all had a good night - good friends, good food, good pub and great Music


  1. Gotta luv a group known as "Chunky Custard"! lol

  2. If you are looking for Chunky Custard this is their website

  3. I don't think the True Colours at the Astor would be totally, like, my thing- ya know?? I perceive it as sort of soft and cabaret-ish and I'm a rocky, instrumentally non-voice, jazzy sort of hooman...Am I right or am I right??
    Glad you guys had lotsa fun- some people seemed to be completely OTT!

  4. Looks like an awesome time.

    And Chunky Custard was the name of one of my kids Guinea pigs!